Lair of The Tark
So the new year brings new things.  I don't have much time for a big detailed post so let's get some things going.

1.  I'm still reading through Paranoia at a slow pace.  Sorry folks  I probably have enough to start writing a script but I want to be thorough.

2. I'm starting to write Beyond gods!  For realz!  Have the intro rough done and am now going through character creation.  Won't be long before I start looking for play testers.

3.  I like Eclipse Phase.  Will I do a video?  Maybe some day.  I think I'll do a bad game next.  Paranoia is unarguably a good game whether you like it or not.

4.  My baby's a girl due in febuary and we move in january. :)

The last thing I need to talk about is my sad and procrastinated search for a new website.  What I need is a place to drop videos, have my rarely updated blog and a place to advertise myself.  Weebly sadly no longer suffices for these purposes.  I think what I'm going to do is find some easy webspace.  If anyone knows a good place that would fit my descriptions and be either 1. Extremely Cheap or 2. Free.  I'd appreciate it.

Anyway this year looks to be a  great year for me.  Look forward to it. :)