Lair of The Tark
Well I've made thee decision to move my Pathfinder game from a real life to an online format using Maptool and Ventrilo.  This move came as kind of a disappointment in my local gaming community.  I literally live not far down the street from White Wolf Publishing and despite the fact that the community here seems active and willing I can't seem to attract players to my group.

I think in the end I feel it's because I simply don't know the community well enough to do anything.  With this in mind I've decided to take my current game online and just try and get to know my local community better.  This is just an object lesson that when you move to a new community it's best to play games rather than start one of your own.  From there you can pick players out from the groups you already know.  I think my mistake was that I'm rather hungry to start and run my own games rather then play in others.  Let's face it, I'm a born DM.  I prefer to create and facilitate stories rather than try to force my own upon another.  This is ironic as this is exactly how a DM typically operates anyway.

In other news my loving Fiance has gone back to work so this weekend I'm going to get back to work on my video review series and hopefully have something to show for it by the end of next week. :)  One thing I can warn the, oh, two people that read this blog is that my humor tends to be on the dry and sarcastic side so if you're  a fan of Spoony, Nostalgia Critic, or AVGN don't expect a plethora of dick jokes, profanity, or senseless screaming.  Will it be funny and entertaining?  Well, that's my hope.  Will it be informative?  You bet your ass.

In other news work steadily continues on cosmothea.  My NDA prohibits me from saying much.  But, if you're interested to see who could wrangle such a  jaded man like myself to work for them at 2 cents a word m I suggest taking a look at the site.  I'm finally getting my check from the Escapist.  Thank god.  I might take that small bit of money I'm getting from this and make this a legitimate site.  It'll all depend on how the video turns out and how much traffic it brings here.
Well, my problem has been that I never finish anything.  Part of this is that I don't have any income from the stuff I do.  

Anyway,  my column will soon be showing on an italian site.

Also for thsoe of you who like the World of Warcraft: TCG I'm also doing articles for

Also if I haven't announced it as of yet I'm working on a game called Cosmothea.