Lair of The Tark
And there came to pass a time of great harvest and all men of the earth and the sea went forth into their fields and there boats and harvested the great bounty for in time to come there would be a great famine and the labor of man was the only path to salvation.  Yet one man chose not, for he was apathy and from his lassitude was borne the first son; sloth.

And as the man rested upon the hills overlooking his fellow men laboring against the famine their came into his sight  a luscious maiden of great fertility.  And from this sight he became longing and from his immense desire he bore his second son; lust.

Yet the maiden was betrothed to his brother who worked the fields of his home to feed his family.  Because of her unparalleled beauty and marriage to his brother he became jealousy. And from his covetous hunger was born his third son; envy.

Denied his desire, the man went down the hill to his brothers home.  Seeing their brother not laboring they cried, "Why dost thou not labor? Dost thou not know the coming famine?" And the man replied, "I shall not work. For I am wealthy and require not to labor." And from this boast he became arrogance.  Thus he bore his fourth son; pride.

And so it came to pass that the man went into his brothers home mournful for being denied his desires.  Thus he drank deeply of his brothers wine until he was witless and drank more beyond that for the image of his brothers wife plagued his eyes and tore at his heart.  Thus he became overindulgence, and from his unquenchable thirst he bore his fifth son; gluttony.

Without the paradise found between the thighs of his desire he sought satisfaction in his wealth.  Yet even in this he found no satisfaction for he took and stole from his fellow man never finding enough gold to satisfy his hunger and drown out the lust for his brothers wife.  Thus he became dissatisfaction, and from his glowing piles of wealth thus was born his sixth son; greed.

Filled wiht despair the man approached his brothers wife and demanded to lie wiht her and she said, "I cannot lie with you for I am married to your brother and cannot betray him for thou art witless and lazy.  From thine hands come showers of gold but no love and from thine loins comes only lust but not compassion.  No, I will not lie with thee."  Thus the man became rage.  And from the body of the woman he sculpted with his hands his seventh and most terrible son; wrath.

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