Lair of The Tark
So if you haven;t noticed I've decided to throw in my lot with the devil and leap into game chef.  I decided to do it with a game I call Gnome: A game of the little people.  Gnome is inspired by the works of Terry Pratchett specifically his Discworld books involving the Nac Mac Feegle and his bromeliad trilogy.  The life of a gnome is quick, brutal, and dangerous beyond compare.  When not hiding from slow, ponderous humans they fight for their daily survival in a world full of predators, natural disasters, and sometimes the treachery of their own kind.

Gnome is going to be a simple game similar to my earlier apprentice game with some differences mainly in how stats and challlenges are handles.  Each Gnome has four attributes, Courage, Cleverness, Toughness, and Shrewdness.  To each of these attributes the player assigns a rank die with the lowest being a 1d4 and the highest being a 1d12.

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