Lair of The Tark
So what happens when you spend nearly half a month or so doing nothing?  You panic when you realize you need to be doing something.  Do not envy me, for I have a lot to do.  I really need to learn how to prioritize thigns and get them straightened out.  This is just the non job stuff I have to do.

This months column.
Work on children of Sin.
Various rpg related things.
Working on a Mod for Torchlight.
Clean the house so thoroughly no single roach like entity can possibly survive.

So, I better get to work.  Roaches won't murder themselves.
Someone asked recently about this and the answer is yes it is still going.  Currently it's shelved since right now I'm dealing with a ton of other things but hopefully as summer comes and thigns settle a bit I'll have time tog et soemthign solid to paper.