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Title: Cosmothea RPG

Description:  My current project I'm working with developer Bob Whitely to bring his vision of a multiverse come to life.  I'm rather excited on the stuff I'm working on here.

Status: Working on it.
Title:  Apprentice

Description: My winning entry into Simian Circles d6 Design Contest.  It is a simple game for beginning role players that utilizes minimal stats, a single d6 and a hand waving mechanism.  Art is very well done by Pol Sobajanoy.

Status: Won the contest will be released in a compilation by Simian Circle games and released as a free pdf by me downloadable here in the very near future.

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Title:  Shitsurakuen

A complex percentile system game combining elements of Ocarina of Time, monster rancher games, giant japanese monster movies, japanese culture, high fantasy and post apocalyptic wastelands.
Status: Shelved due to massive complexity and lack of time.  Will be picked up again should I find a buyer or a group to collaborate with.

More Info: The Thread From which the idea formed.

Downloads,Media, and Previews
None as of yet.

Title: Beyond Gods

Description: A god game of my devising I plan on selling off to a good publisher.  I'm really excited about this one.  It offers more then one type of "god" and offers a unique setting in addition to being diceless using Texas Hold 'Em poker as a combat mechanic.
Status: In Hiatus, looking for a publisher.  This game has a tiny following just from these threads.  Definitely want to put work into this.
More Info: The Forge Thread, The RPGnet Thread
Downloads,Media, and Previews
None as of Yet
Title:  Children of Sin
Description: A game about hell and the people that live there. Working on it for a contest.
Status: Working on it.