Lair of The Tark
Well what will hopefuly becomes a secondary source of income in addition to my writing and day job is finally up and running.  My first video was mostly experimental and has for the most part been well recieved.  There have been a complaint here and there about the gay comments.  But I ask all of you homosexual people this;  prove to me that vampires are not an analogy for homosexuality.

Seriously all of Twilight is filled with implied homoeroticism it's not even funny.   Anne Rice was even worse.  No I don't have anythign against gay people of any kind.  But, let's face it, the modern vampire might as well be hanging out at gay bars picking up dudes.

Anyway episode 2 is going to be about 9 myths that have been choking the life out of tabletops since they became popular in the 70's.  I'm going to say right off not to expect as much funny as the last one.  Primarily because the more research I did the less funny a found and more rage I felt.  Mainly because despite the fact that all the grassroots and church movements being utterly and decidedly debunked many of the arguments they made have remained in the mainstream mind.  This is mainly because the sensationalist media decided that the attack was more entertaining than the backlash.  This is why I'm thankful to god for the internet.  It gives regular intelligent people a chance of retaliation against a biased mainstream where there was none before.  Anyway,  I'm starting recording tomorrow with a goal of having the next episode out by next week.  See you then.